Oil&Gas Projects

Assessment, management and development


Within the framework of projects realization on development of new fields (Greenfields) , there are three main functional areas:


- "Subsurface part" (geology, reservoir engineering, drilling),


- "Surface infrastructure" (infield construction and external transport),


- "Economics".


Regardless of the stage, the task of the project team - to show a complete picture of all functional areas, reducing the level of uncertainty during preparation of full-scale development of oil and gas fields.




Surface infrastructure

    The next step of the project team is to define needed to develop the field of facilities & infrastructure and the calculation of capital expenditures (Capex).   Stage "Appraise" At this stage, the project team assesses Capex its own, without the involvement of Contractors.   Options for the development of infrastructure   First, they are determined the main directions for the implementation of the project:    1. Location objects preparation of crude oil/gas. It is desirable to locate the ...

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Subsurface part

    «Subsurface part» is the most important stream in the work of project team. If you do not get right estimates of reserves, number of wells, flow rates and drilling schedule all next results of the project will have large uncertainties in possible values of profit. It is a big problem and headache for investor as known.   Reserves   For the project team the first problem is right estimation of volume profitably recoverable reserves. Under the profitable recoverable reserves we understand next: how much reserves we should ...

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    Project development is a complex process consisting of several blocks, each of which is important. The whole project success crucially depends on the precise interaction of these blocks.   We emphasize once again that the key indicator of finding the optimal vector of the project development is an economic performance. At the same time, the role and importance of the latter increases if the design process is based on an iterative scheme with close cooperation of technological, economic, financial and legal parts of the project team.   Let&rsquo...

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