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Assessment, management and development


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The Company provides comprehensive services to assess the resource base of individual field / deposits to portfolio management, based primarily on the work of the risks, uncertainties and industry trends.
Comprehensive assessment of oil and gas assets
Purchase / sale of assets:
- Evaluation of the reliability of technical, financial and commercial information / Due diligence, work in the data rooms,
- Evaluation of the resource base, profitable reserves,
- Examination of existing and development of new, optimization of existing design solutions for production,
- Economic evaluation of an asset for a variety of scenarios and sensitivity analysis,
- Assessment of key uncertainties (reserves, production levels, capital expenditures, the economy),
- Study options to enhance the effectiveness of the project,
- Development of commercial schemes and proposals for M & A.
Attracting investment to the development of an asset:
- Development strategy of the asset according to the current uncertainties and risks,
- Study and prepare options of infrastructure development,
- Forecast capital and operating costs,
- Economic evaluation of development options,
- Preparation of required documents - Request for investments.
Management of oil and gas projects
- Development of the project execution Strategy in the medium and long term, business plan development,
- Asset Management (drilling, surface infrastructure, transportation, logistics) - from procurement planning to commissioning,
- Planning and improving the efficiency of capital investments,
- Planning and optimization of operating costs,
- Planning and formation of the project team and the productioin company organizational structure,
- Periodic evaluation / monitoring of the investment attractiveness of the asset,
- Search / implementation of synergies during the formation of the development strategy of the asset.
Individual consulting
Individual issues in the area of technological, financial and economic analysis:
- Geological and technological modeling for strategic decision-making of the asset,
- Monitoring of individual market segments of Russian and international oil and gas production, identifying industry trends to account for the economic analysis of projects,
- Formation of a strategy to diversify its business,
- Portfolio management of the companies projects (sale of the assets, the acquisition of new ones).
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