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Russian independent Company that provides services for integrated assessment, management and development of oil and gas projects. The Company combines the unique Russian and international experience, deep knowledge in oil and gas industry.
To make any project efficiently and responsibly. To manage key risks and projects uncertainties to minimize their impact on the final result. To work on a welfare of our clients and to get a result regardless of the work complexity.
To become a leading player in the market for a comprehensive assessment of oil and gas assets and project management.
The general fund of our company is the staff - professionals with extensive experience in the real oil and gas projects that are focused on achieving the best results for our clients.
The Company was created in 2014 by a group of like-minded people from TNK-BP. Headquartered in Moscow. The Company's staff - a team of experts in key areas of oil and gas. The main customers of our services are the oil and gas producing companies, leading trade and investment companies, the owners of oil and gas assets.
Feature of our company is to have experience and strong competencies in the area of major oil and gas projects execution.
It should be noted that the project is not necessarily a process from assessing, purchasing the license area to commercial production. The project can be change / optimization of development system (from pilot works to industrial application), exploration program, development / optimization of infrastructure to gather and prepare hydrocarbons, and increase production due to geological and technological activities (workovers). All of these directions and activities are of significant interest for our company.
The company provides an integrated service to assess oil&gas fields / deposits, portfolio management and bases on risks - uncertainties analysis and industry trends.
Comprehensive assessment of oil and gas assets
Purchase / sell of assets:
- Technical information veracity analysis / Due diligence / Data room information alnalysis,
- Reserves / profitable reserves and resources estimation,
- Existing development scheme estimation and its optimization,
- Asset economic evaluation for a variety of scenarios, sensitivity analysis,
- Key uncertainties assessment (reserves, production, capital expenditures),
- Options design to enhance the effectiveness of the project,
- Commercial schemes and proposals development for M & A.
Attracting investment to the development of an asset:
- Develop the asset strategy according to current level of uncertainties and risks,
- Develop options for infrastructure / re-engineering,
- Forecast capital and operating costs,
- Project options economical evaluation, 
- Make a request for investments.
Management of oil and gas projects
- Project execution strategy in a short or long-term period, business plan development,
- Asset management (drilling, surface infrastructure, transportation, logistics) - from procurement to commissioning,
- Capital investments - planning and improving the efficiency,
- Operating costs - planning and optimization,
- Project team and the company staff management,
- Asset investment attractiveness monitoring,
- Search synergy effects.
Individual consulting
Individual issues in the area of technological, financial and economic analysis:
- Geological and technological modeling for strategic decision-making of the asset,
- Monitoring of individual market segments of Russian and international oil and gas production, identifying industry trends to account for the economic analysis of projects,
- Strategy development for business diversification,
- Portfolio management (sale / acquisition).
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