Oil&Gas Projects

Assessment, management and development




A little bit about the CPP process. The process itself is divided into five key stages: "Appraise", "Select", "Definie", "Execute", "Operation / End". Upon completion of each stage is required a decision on the continuation, modification or cancellation of the project. The most important from the project design point of view are the first three stages. In turn, among these the first three stages of the project the main role is played by the project team on the first two. It is here that is carried out the maximum contribution of knowledge and technology to the project, it is here that the choice is made in favor of (or failure) of the project. The main focus of the work of the project team focused on stages "Appraise" and "Select".


This is the most important stages in terms of reducing the level of uncertainty and risk management of the project. On these two stages produced the basic concept of the project, which in the future (with properly developed approach) almost remains unchanged. That's why we believe that the quality of the first stage the most important in the whole life cycle of the project. On this basis, it is possible to claim that "project management - is work with uncertainties and risks". This statement is actually true, because it highlights main points how have to work the project team.

Within each stage, in order to monitor and control the process, can be used various corporate tools and procedures, such as the Financial Memorandum (FM) package for decision-making (DSP - Decision Support Package), White Paper (White Paper), the Governing Council of the Company, the Investment Committee, the Board of Directors.



Project Success

In conclusion, the narrative of the cycles (stages) of the project is necessary to emphasize the fact that the effectiveness of the implemented project we will know not soon. Sometimes it takes a few years (3-5) before appear the main drawback of the design (over or lack of capacity of _ objects of gathering system, treatment and transportation of produced products, underestimation complicating technological factors - the content of mechanical impurities, the rheological properties of the produced fluids, dynamics of water production / water cut and associate...

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Appraise / Preappraise

Sometimes this stage is preceded by stage "Preappraise", it is called initiation. "The main objective of both stages is to find at least one investment-attractive option of the project, it is also called the most probable (P50) or the base case".  In addition to the base case are calculated optimistic (P10) and  pessimistic (P90) scenarios that allow us to estimate the stability of the base case to the realization of key uncertainties in the development concept of such uncertainty are most often could be original oil in place, recoverable r...

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"The main objective of stage - identification of alternative options for the development of the project, choice the basic variant and working on the optimization of the basic technical,  technological and economic performance."   At this stage, the main focus of the project team aims to elaborate the best scenario of 2-3 alternatives. Under the alternative is understood not so much completely different technology as elaboration of alternative options in case the internal heterogeneity of the project will be significant. In our own experience we can say that at thi...

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"The main objective of the stage - preparation of the field to be put into the production."   At this stage, in turn, is the gradual transfer of functions and responsibilities of the project from the project team to the subsoil user. Also performed detailed design (stage "D"), is preparing detailed documentation of the approved baseline scenario, ordered equipment with long term manufacturing, in other words - implemented a detailed phased plan input field into the production, formation of the organizational structure of the subsoil user company.   The result of this ...

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The project at this stage started and gaining momentum. All authority transferred to the subsoil user. The project team has completed its work....

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